Westside’s Pup of the Month

December is flying by! So that means it is time for the last pup of the month for 2018. This girl is lucky to have a big family to love her! This is what they  had to say about her -“Meet Brix. This sweet heart is 7 months old. She currently just finished her puppy obedience and is moving on to the next novice class. She loves to socialize with other dogs, and learn anything new that she can. Brix has spent some time visiting the nursing home her mom works at. The residents there enjoy her company very much. They often ask why she is so calm, cool and collected for a puppy! Her mom tells them that she is a very patient girl. She is very relaxed, and settles well. That being said, she is not a couch potato by any means. She can run as fast as her older sister and is extremely agile. She also has a bark that makes her sound like she is about 100 pounds larger than she is! Brix is a perfect combination of easy going and feisty all in one! She spends her days doing perimeter searches with her sister on the acreage yard they live on! Each morning when they go out, the first thing they go and do is see if anything is in the yard that isn’t suppose to be! The dogs are wonderful companions for each other. Brix may drive her big sister Shiloh nuts half the day, but they sure love being with each other. Brix fav thing to do is steal whatever toy Shiloh has and get her to try and steal it back! Brix doesn’t really have a fav toy, but she loves anything squishy, and anything hard she can chew! Brix loves her walks, and does well on the leash, but also doing well learning to walk off leash with her sister. She has an amazing recall. Most of the time 🙄😜..she obeys very well! Brix also has 3 little children she takes care of. She is extremely gentle with them, and loves to get snuggled as much as possible! She handles all the chaos and noise levels that three children bring very well! She already seems to herd everyone together! She is happiest when we are all together! Over all Brix is a confident, loyal, happy, and intuitive girl! She is protective, but not in a negative way. We all feel safe when she is around!! Her family does not know any quality she is missing that they wish she had! She is still young and learning..and sometimes naughty! But we all look past that, as she is such a lovable girl! She has completed our family, and cant imagine not having her here! Thank you to Stephanie and Westside Kennels, for allowing her to come into our lives!! ” – Melissa. #gsdofinstagram #gsd#westsidegermanshepherds #puppylove