Westside’s Pup of the Month

It is hard to believe it is September already! That means we have a new Westside Pup of the Month! This stunning guy is Fraggle, he is always on the go and loving country life with his family! Here is what his family had to say about him …
“Hello my name is Fraggle. I’m 6 months old and 69 lbs. I’m such a chill dog, nothing bothers me except when the coyotes howl at night then I have to snuggle up and get close to my mom and dad because I’m a bit scared. I have been to obedience school and I’m doing very well, my instructor says she’s never quite met another Dog like me because I’m so smart and I listen so well. I walk on a leash and when my mom stops I sit down and wait for the next move. I lay down on command and I stay when my mom tells me too. I make my mom and dad laugh often because I’m pretty funny and I have lots of expressions on my face that makes everybody just love me. I drove 12 hours out with my mom and dad to Revelstoke and it was a lot of fun. I went to my first wedding and the photographer took more pictures of me than the bride LOL. I am a hit wherever I go because I’m so darn cute I listen so well, I don’t jump up and I am a sweet as can be.
Stephanie and her family at Westside German Shepherd’s are truly a remarkable group. The love of the entire family goes into raising these beautiful pups. The time and effort that is spent with each litter and each puppy makes for a beautiful family Pet. I could not recommend Stephanie at Westside German shepherds more.”