Westside’s Pup of the Month

We have decided to feature a different Westside Pup each month. This is a chance for our Westside families to tell everyone about their Westside German Shepherd. We are excited to introduce our Pup of the Month for August – Max! Max is a Pisces and this is what his family had to say about him….” When I picked up Max up it was love at first sight. For the first couple of months I took him almost everywhere with me. Even the staff at the bank always seemed excited to see him. He has always been so calm and well behaved so it’s easy to have him with me. He even visited our Granddaughter’s school for show and tell and walked the halls calmly even though there were so many kids running around and many wanting to pet him. The plan was for him to be an outdoor dog and stay in the pet house but so far he and I both prefer he sleep right next to the bed where I sleep. He was super easy to housetrain, so relaxed and is such a pleasure to have around.
We attended puppy classes with both Gary Overs Kenneling and Obedience (Gary had such good things to say about your Kennel) and No Dog Left Behind and Max did awesome! I received so many compliments on his behaviour and I am so proud of him.
At 5 months I think he is just stunning. I want to again thank you for all you do with them to create such fantastic companions. Max is the smartest dog I’ve ever had and he is so loving.” – Max’s Family.

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