Westside Review

We recently received a review from one of our puppy families and were quite flattered by their kind words. We just wanted to share their Westside experience with you:

A word about Stephanie Doney and Westside German Shepherds…
We met our incredible little bundle of GSD (Dante) at The Regina International Airport. The time and effort Stephanie put into facilitating our puppy pickup was SO far beyond what we would ever have expected or asked for, that it will forever be part of Dante’s history and remain a story to be told by Cindy and me.
In the process of choosing a breeder for our new family member, it literally took one email to realize that Steph was special. She spent hours with me exploring our decision to acquire a pup, life with dogs, and many other topics, to be truthful.
Over the several months leading up to delivery day I came to learn of the seemingly countless hours that Stephanie and her family put into ensuring that when we arrived to pick up our Little Man, he was well-adjusted and as socialized and happy as a little 7 ½ week marvel can be. I mean that sincerely and we are grateful. There could be no better start to our long relationship with our new companion.
As for the pup, himself? Well….I believe he is now fully crate trained, 9 of 10 on the potty training scale, comes when called, and sits/stays to receive his little merit treats. He’s 9 weeks old tomorrow. Another GSD Superhero in the making.
Thank you Stephanie Doney, your whole family and Westside German Shepherds. God Bless.

-Rick Wesolowski