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The Westside Commitment

A happy, healthy puppy is the result of healthy and happy parents. We take pride in providing extraordinary care to our furry family members. We take pride in our Shepherds; they are an integral part of our family. Westside German Shepherd puppies are loved from day one.  

How we got started

A love of German Shepherds, started very early on for me. As a baby, our German Shepherd would guard my stroller, and as I began to walk and venture out - my German Shepherd was right at my side.

When I was only about 2 years old, I wandered away on the farm. Everyone was very concerned and began the search. Eventually I was found under some trees, sound asleep on my German Shepherd as he was keeping watch.

German Shepherds have always held a special place in my heart and I truly believe they make amazing family members. The level of intelligence & empathy that come with this breed is truly inspiring.

I know how much joy German Shepherds have brought to my family, and we wanted other families to experience this with a dog of their very own.

Boy with German Shepherd

Westside News

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Our Spring 2024 litters are all spoken for and have gone to loving homes. We are happy to have met so many wonderful people! Finding the perfect homes for our beautiful, well-balanced pups is very important to us. If you would like more information, please email us at stephanie@westsidekennels.ca. We would love to have you follow along with us on Facebook & Instagram.

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Westside Announcements

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What people are saying about us...

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

― Josh Billings

Three Puppies

Westside German Shepherd


Each Westside puppy is raised by many loving hands. We spend 100’s of hours with each litter; we are there the very moment they are born. Adding a puppy that has been socialized from the very beginning, makes the transition to their new family much easier.

Many families have been surprised how quickly their new furry pack member settles in.

Want information on our upcoming litters see below or, please contact us at stephanie@westsidekennels.ca

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Our Process

You’ve made up your mind - it’s time to add a furry family member to the pack! Now what?

  • Get in touch at stephanie@westsidekennels.ca
  • We will provide you with all of the details and answer any questions you may have
  • You will have an opportunity to fill out an application if you would like to proceed.
  • Your application will be reviewed, we will contact you with additional details.

Westside German Shepherds


Our 2024 litters puppies have all been placed. No breedings planned at this time.

Westside Males

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The Jury Von Rivergreen

The Jury Von Rivergreen

Dam: Sandra Kosava
Sire: Milow vom Himmeltal (4xSG1, IPO3,Kkl)

Jury is black and red with a strong mask, is solid with great lines. He has a great temperament and is eager to please.

Jury is a Milow von Himmeltal son. Milow comes from titled bloodlines that include Remo vom Fichtenschlag.

The Jury Von Rivergreen body image

Brando Vom Hundewald (AKA Rip)


Dam: Taty Vom Fanino
Sire: Lithium Vom Fanino

We are excited to welcome Rip to Westside! Timing and logistics were on our side when we had the opportunity to add Rip to our pack. Rip is a Red & Black long coat.  His pedigree includes descendants such as Willy Vom Kuckucksland and Remo Vom Fichtenschlag; no to mention the renowned Lithium Vom Fanino.  Rip has gorgeous lines, a beautifully balanced temperament, and of course his stunning coat.  Apparently the first Lithium Son in Canada, this guy is winning hearts in his new Country.

Rip's Sire is a European Champion V1, IGP2, BH, KKL1.


Canisphere’s Cash



Dam: F Rendjle Vom Canisphere
Sire: Eklectic Trifecta V Canisphere

Cash is a stunning black and tan male. This guy has it all – having striking features and high intelligence.

This Trifecta son has great angles, beautiful fluid movement, medium drive, solid muscle and a ground covering gait. He is outgoing with an excellent temperament. Cash is a very loyal companion.

Cash’s Sire is an American and Canadian Champion.


Westside Females

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Vada Von Northern Sky


AKC/CKC Registered Vada Vom Northern Sky

Dam: Ena Vom Tamnavska
Sire: CH Garry Vom Richberg

Vada is a lovely red and black. She has a medium drive and mild temperament.  Vada has a softer side and a high level of empathy.  She is always up for anything and a very loyal companion.

Vada is the daughter of UKC conformation Champion Garry Vom Richberg.

Lily Vom Haus Godwin

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Dam: Maya Von Mena
Sire: Konig Leonidas Von Godwin

Lilly has a stunning red and black coat.  She has the exact drive and demeanour that Westside strives for. She is very well balanced, loyal, and eager to please. A welcome addition to Westside.



Westside's Chloe

Westside’s Chloe

CKC Westside’s Chloe

Dam: Last Mountain’s Catrina
Sire: Canisphere’s Cash

Chloe is a lovely black and tan girl, with a striking mask to match her father. She has a flowing movement, and a low/medium drive. She is very intelligent, attentive, easy going, and loyal.

Grandfather: CH Eklectic Trifecta

Westside’s Chloe

If you are considering a Westside pup, it is never too early to get on our waiting list, do not wait! Often, our litters are spoken for, long before conception.

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