TLC Dog Food

TLC Dog Food

Westside German Shepherds
Feeds and recommends TLC Whole Life Natural Dog Food


There is no doubt in our minds TLC is the best food for your new canine companion.
Our dogs have been on TLC from the very start, the strength they had from a very young age was noticeable. They continue to thrive on TLC, with a nice healthy weight and a beautiful shine to their coats. TLC speaks for itself.
TLC has introduced a puppy formula. Although both TLC and ourselves do not feel the need for a change from “All Life Stages” to “Puppy” formula when raising a large breed puppy, we are very happy that the option is there and we know that some clients will feel better feeding the TLC puppy and we will support the change.
TLC has assured us that the Puppy formula is so very similar to the All Life Stages that the transition will be uneventful.
We will however strongly suggest that if you decide to use TLC Puppy that you transition from puppy formula to All Life Stages between 5 and 6 months of age. Large breeds should be grown slowly, and do not require a higher fat/protein content such as that in many large breed puppy formula’s. Keeping them at an ideal weight and growing them slowly is what is best for them long term.
TLC puppy formula is not extreme, with an increase of 2% protein and 1% fat adding only 10 Kcal per cup.
Big thanks to TLC for seeing the need for introducing a puppy formula for those who need it and supporting those of us raising large and giant breeds who do not feel the change is “always” necessary.
TLC can only be ordered direct from the company, no middle man, no sitting on shelves for months.
This keeps it super fresh and affordable.
Vets sometimes seem to to think all pups should be on a puppy formula and this is not always the case. Your vet will be one of your best friends when you own a pet, however, they often offer advice from a blanket perspective, and understandably so, they are most certainly not going to be well educated in each and every breed, that is why you need to respect your breeder’s decision when it comes to diet and nutrition for your new pup/dog.
You have chosen us as your breeder because you like what you see, trust us to know what is best for our breed, and our lines/pedigree, and the pups we raise, when it comes to diet and nutrition.
TLC has put together a pamphlet specifically for your vet so they can learn about the quality of the product, it comes in your puppy pack that TLC sends to us to give to our new clients. Free Shipping, Quality food.




This offer is available to any one, not just our puppy clients so feel free to share the banner below or send this link to your friends who are looking for a quality food for their canine or feline companion!
TLC offers canine and feline food and also dog biscuits!